· 六月 21, 2022

InterSystems热招职位(4):Support Facilitator

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Job Title:Support Facilitator

Department:Product Support

Reporting to:China Support Supervisor

What We Do Matters

Why are we here? To ensure that our customers have reliable access to the right information at the right time—information they can share and use to draw insights, leading to better decisions.

Job Summary

Ensure customer satisfaction by triaging support requests, facilitating rapid responses, managing the support queue, Service Level Agreements and backlog and assisting the China Support Supervisor with the coordination of projects.

Key Responsibilities of the Role

  • Provide immediate response to customer support inquiries via phone or iService (the TrakCare ticketing system)
  • Ensure iService tickets contain sufficient information and detail for second line support to work with, according to the minimum datasets laid out
  • Where possible, provide immediate resolution to support inquiries. Alternatively, triage the inquiry and determine the best person to pass it to
  • Assist level 2 support staff and the Support Manager with the monitoring, maintenance, administration and processing of support queues and tickets
  • Develop and maintain a set of Standard Operating Procedures for responding to common and/or repeatable inquiries
  • Assist the Support Manager with adherence to Service Level Agreements
  • Assist the Support Manager with the coordination and management of projects to deliver new functionality to existing customers
  • Identify opportunities to act as a “multiplier” in order to drive efficiency
  • Provide regular reports to management and customers as requested
  • Acquire new skills by assuming additional responsibilities as requested.
  • Additional responsibilities as determined by management.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Friendly and professional verbal and written communication skills demonstrated by prior customer service experience
  • Good organizational skills with demonstrable attention to detail
  • 1-2 years’ experience in a support or Project Management Office role or an administrative role in a similar organization
  • Must be fluent in English
Personal Specifications
  • IT or health-based degree or 2 years’ related experience




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